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  • Family Membership

We offer limited membership for the pool.

Anyone is welcome to join for a swim membership.  We offer Single & Family Memberships.  This is a great place to swim laps or bring your family to relax at the pool.  Please visit or speak to us about our schedule and your requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you.


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Summer Lap Swim Hours

June 12-August 13


Monday - Thurs:  8-9am | 10:30-12:pm | 2-3:30pm

Friday: 8am - 12pm

Saturday:  8am-9am  |  11am-3pm
11am -  1pm

Winter Lap Swim Hours

Monday -Friday 8am - 3:30pm
Saturday: 12 am -  3pm
Sunday 9.00 am -  1pm 

* Open Swim or holiday hours may vary. Please see front desk or call for updated schedule

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Membership Fees

Single Membership:   $115/month
Family Membership:   $175/month

Daily Rate:                    $  15/day per person

Memberships are month to month. No registration fee.  Anyone who cancels and reactivates in any given month a    $50 reactivation fee will apply.  Rates are subject to change at any given time for month to month members.

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